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New York’ 28.8% of 13,563,172 voted.
•New York Governor Cuomo win needed only 15% votes.
•Is voting a Freedom of "We The People" or the politically motivated few?
•What is your plan re-building American families? Don't VOTE don't complain?

As seen on CBS NEWS
•Governor Walker, responded CBS 6/5/15 "Wisconsin has one of the highest voter turnout". (after Former Secretary Clinton reported 6/4/15: he, Jeb Bush, and Governor Christie "are afraid to let people vote"). However, US Census Bureau reports: WISCONSIN 7th worse turnout, 54% did not vote. WHY?
•Governor Bush, purged Florida voters, and 44% eligible, 7,125,000 did not vote. WHY?
•Governor Christie, responded CBS "Hillary apparently never been to Jersey." Crooks?
•Senator Tim Scott, press secretary reported 6/15/15, "not interested non-voters."

I know AK47 Bandit, El Chapo, Gangland, Cecil's Dentist! I locate them all, do you think they vote, NO? Do you think they got a smartdevice, YES! Do you think they watch first-run movies, YES! Then I know who, where, and what their planning, 1-2-3 "I finger, FBI close, YOU purge". Get-out-VOTE! pinpoints bad guy, ToiletDrone.com verifies before shit happens, TVISIS.com tells a better story =Bad guy afraid to crap!

Frank, EvaDorr.com Family 206-664-1945

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Total start-up necessary $1,836,000. Your start-up advocating America Get-out-VOTE! receives both the advantage "interacting" public message *InterreactAD and **ProductTVplacement placing you as first, in touch with 109+million non-voters, as other side has little/no assured immediate contact. You as our advocate receive start-up investment return credit @.05 per view your public message any areas 91.5% Get-out-VOTE! and you also receive eight (8) in-story script **ProductTVplacement public message branding, factoring total 91.5% of 109+million non-voters Get-out-VOTE! landslide turn-out.

Top Smart HOLLYWOOD FILMS directors: James Cameron, Tony Scott, John Singleton, Richard Donner, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, available to represent. 206-664-1945 Frank@ADDitTV.com
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Production, Movies, Sports, TV Entertainment, Educational: Emanuel D'orr
Sales - Marketing: DirecTVadsales.com
Advertising Design: Martin Agency
Marketing: Dr. Lauren Tucker, Director of Consumer Forensics @ Martin agency.
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Technology: Roman D'orr
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1. Sales, staff, office space, furniture, accounting, research, legal, 6 month......................................1,836,000
2. Contract Independent Producers 1-hour 6-New releases $300,000,000 @each.........................50,000,000
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2012 Obama Elect social media targeting vote's fingered 61,173,739 of 215.081,000 total voters, 279,834,232 US internet users, 209 million flat-screens, 167 million TVsmartdevice. Romney received 60 million votes. Who fingered the missing 149 million internet users or 93+million who did not vote? I KNOW EACH NON-VOTER BY NAME!
DirectTV boasts 20.5 million paying subscribers vs 122,458,999 US households?
Netflix boasts 33.4 million paying subscribers are cable cutters expect internet TV vs TVtraditional.
Comcast xfinity 27 million subscribers pay because "Hollywood Films" TVtraditional CA$H COW ads didn't pay.
Chattanooga speed-of-light fast UnitedStatesGIG per second internet speed is light-years ahead, Seattle wanted same, Comcast stopped it wasn't in the Seattle-Comcast cable contract, thus Comcast stifles American economy!

By the D'orr Family, four creative Ben Franklin type geek teenagers 10, 12, 13, 15, A+grades,
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I need your Support ADVOCATE NOW! SEE *BUSINESS1-2-3PLAN TVitFREE Get-out-VOTE! campaign
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VOTE.com Total start-up necessary $1,836,000.
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DIE! or unite
United StatesVOTE
United StatesGIG
1-2-3 www.I WANT TO BE ELECTED.com
Titus fell out of favor with the gods...
FREERoman-ColosseumTV DEIFIED Titus ratings!
All Together Now
Where's TV going? Obviously your smartdevice already in your pocket.
Are you afraid Get-out-VOTE!???
HOW? (read below) *BUSINESS1-2-3PLAN